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Achieving Goals
Motivation Software
Motivating Yourself Is Easy

"Discover How to Achieve Your WILDEST DREAMS..."
With a SECRET Computer Tool YOU Can Install TODAY.
And Best of All: IT’S TOTALLY 100% FREE!

Achieve Your Dreams

How would YOU like to download a SECRET TOOL that can help REPROGRAM your MIND...

... So that you can achieve ABSOLUTELY ANY GOAL, within just TWO WEEKS??

No kidding.

I'd like to introduce you to a never-before-released computer program that will enable you to literally change life-long habits through something known as programmed rehearsal.

It's an incredibly powerful self-growth concept that's been around for centuries... And it REALLY made it big back in the 1980's.

Now, thanks to the Internet revolution, IT'S BACK - And it's better than EVER BEFORE.

And the really good news? This secret software tool is absolutely FREE of CHARGE.

It will cost you absolutely NOTHING to download - and it COULD just turn your whole life around.


Just read on. I guarantee you will NOT need your credit card.

Motivating Yourself

"Do You Have a STONE in Your SHOE?"
The Story Behind a POPULAR 80’s Self-Growth Device -
And How It Can ALMOST Help You Change Your Habits!

Motivator Software ProgramLet me tell you a little story.

Back in the 1990’s, I ordered a nifty little device called the MotivAider. Maybe you’ve heard of it – it’s been a big self-development seller since the 1980's.

This crazy little device has the ability to CHANGE LIVES.

Let me explain it to you.

The MotivAider is a small pager-style device that you clip onto your belt. At a specified time it beeps – just like an alarm clock.

Now that simple beep – is MAGICAL. Here's why...

Before you begin using the MotivAider, you mentally associate something with that beep. For example, you may associate it with your goal to STOP SMOKING. You set the beep to go off every hour.

Then when you hear the beep, you simply ensure you're still ON TRACK with your goal to STOP SMOKING.

The MotivAider makes itself noticed, like a stone in your shoe. It ensures you keep your GOALS in MIND, keeping you motivated around the clock. This stops your old bad habits from sneaking back in, when you're "not looking."

Within a couple of weeks, your positive new behaviors will have been "installed" - and your negative habits will have dropped away. It's EASY.

But maybe this all sounds just TOO SIMPLE?

The REASON most people do NOT achieve their goals is because they cannot persist their motivation. Their mind shifts focus, and they forget what they originally wanted to achieve.

In the 80's, people the world over began using tools such as the MotivAider to begin achieving ANYTHING.

Motivation Program   They used it to STOP SMOKING - in record time!
Software for motivation   They used it to get inside "THE ZONE" - and stay at peak performance!
Motivational Program   They used it to REDUCE STRESS - and regulate deep breathing!
Achieving Dreams And Happiness   They used it to RELEASE ANY ADDICTION - drugs, alcohol, sex, and more.
Motivated To Achieve   They used it to FEEL GOOD about themselves - and improve self-esteem!
   They used it to ELIMINATE ANY BAD HABIT - quickly!

Not everyone used the MotivAider to keep goals fresh in their mind. Some used alarms on digital watches (when they were the craze!), others used physical clocks.

It’s a WONDERFUL method of changing your life. And it ALMOST changed mine.



“Thank you for making this wonderful software tool available. I've spent the past three years struggling with some extremely tough addictions. With your Motivator software, they've dissolved in less than a month.”

- Joanne Morris, Torquay, thewil*****

The Ultimate Motivational Software
Motivating Yourself

Why Tools Such as the MotivAider Are FLAWED.
And Introducing the 100% FREE Motivator Software -- NEVER INTENDED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE!

There’s no doubting it.

Tools such as the MotivAider are powerful and are a great method of achieving fantastic change in a short period of time.

But they’re LIMITED.

After all, there’s only so much you can associate with a “beep.” And you can’t customize tools such as the MotivAider to actually display text messages. The beep eventually becomes annoying – and then you forget what you’re supposed to remember when it makes that noise.

In other words – soon after starting, IT REQUIRES DOUBLE THE EFFORT.

That’s why OVER FIVE YEARS AGO, myself and two leading self-development gurus helped to develop a tool that went BEYOND that limitation.

It was a special piece of software that we called, simply: Motivator.

In principle, it’s similar to the MotivAider.

But it allows you to literally PROGRAM your OWN messages - and keeps you reminded of EXACTLY what you're striving to achieve.

Here’s how it works.

You start by simply installing the Motivator software onto your computer. Then you provide it with a series of messages that help you to remember your goal...

Achieve Dreams And Happiness   I am achieving my goal of eating healthy foods.
Motivating Software   Take five deep, long breaths... NOW!
Need Help Getting Motivated?   I have fully released my old addictions.
Motivation To Achieve   I am enjoying my smoke-free lungs!
Happiness   SMILE!  :D
Dreams   I have great posture. Sit up straight!
Achieve   I am super-focused and in The Zone!
Motivate   Take five minutes right now to appreciate life.
The Motivator   I am using today to demonstrate how patient I am.
Focus Motivation   In business, I focus on making money.

Of course, these are all pretty generic. Your goals may be a LOT more specific.

Then you just let Motivator run silently in the background of your PC. At set intervals, Motivator will remind you of your goals.

The messages appear a little like one of those instant messenger popups that tells you a friend has just logged on. But instead, the Motivator software will be shifting you ONE STEP CLOSER toward your desires.

Like that stone in your shoe, Motivator makes itself noticed, and helps keep YOUR GOALS fresh in YOUR MIND.

And within an average of TWO SHORT WEEKS, you’ll have adopted that positive behavior pattern as a NEW HABIT.



The Motivator Was NEVER Intended for PUBLIC Release – But Now YOU Can Download the LATEST Version, ABSOLUTELY FREE of CHARGE. No Strings Attached!

It was just over five years ago.

I’d just finished perhaps the most exciting conference call of my life, with two of my favorite people in the world: Karl Moore, and Bradley Thompson.

Now, just in case you don’t know, these are BIG NAMES in the self-development industry.

They’re also perhaps the most spiritually advanced individuals you’re ever likely to stumble across.

Bradley has written several self-development books and is president of dozens of personal growth sites. You can learn more about him at And Karl is an amazing leader and broadcaster. You can listen to him daily at Self Dev Radio, watch him in "The Meta Secret," or read his best-selling self-development books down at Amazon. Learn more about Karl at, or check his blog at

And me?

I’m Michael Masterman. I’m the creator of the Speed Reading Secret course, and author of "The Cheat's Guide to Instant Genius" and "The Secrets of REAL Hypnosis."

It was just over FIVE YEARS AGO that we decided to develop the Motivator.

It was NEVER intended for public release. It was going to be SOLELY for our own use. We knew that it worked, so we had a team of programmers create the first version of the Motivator – and we experienced PHENOMENAL RESULTS.

I’m not talking about SMALL change. But HUGE, MASSIVE, AWE-INSPIRING RESULTS that would literally BLOW YOU AWAY if I could tell you everything.

And best of all – it’s NOT difficult to get started.

Using the Motivator is EASY. Simply download your copy, add your goal messages, and forget about it.

Then in TWO WEEKS from NOW, just sit back and smile.

You'll have ACHIEVED your goals and be ready for the next set. Your quality of life will move up to the next level, and you'll begin to experience self-development like you’ve NEVER experienced before.

Yes, the MOTIVATOR works. And for proof, try it out YOURSELF. IT’S FREE!

We can understand people making promises when they’re trying to sell you something. But we didn’t want to do that.

The Motivator was SO POWERFUL, we literally wanted to GIVE IT AWAY.

That’s why myself, Michael Masterman – alongside Karl Moore and Bradley Thompson – each threw our money into developing the VERY LATEST version of the Motivator, with a bundle of hot new features and options.


Need Help Getting Motivated?

“I've recommended your software to all of my friends. It works perfectly, even with AOL. I used to have big stress problems and relieved it with smoke. This tool has helped me quit, SO EASILY. Please use this as a testimonial!!”

- Dwayne T., dtuc******

Motivational Program
The Ultimate Help For Motivating Yourself

"Hey - Put Away That Credit Card!!"
Here’s How YOU Can Download a Copy of the Motivator ... FOR FREE! ... Within the NEXT FIVE MINUTES!

So, want to get started using the Motivator software?

It’s easy to begin. Simply click on the button below. You’ll be asked to provide your name and e-mail address, in order to activate your copy.

Then you’ll be sent a download link direct to your e-mail address.

Click HERE to download the Motivator software!

Simply install the program, add your motivational goal statements – and you’re done. The Motivator software will begin displaying its messages on your screen at regular intervals.

It’s totally customizable, too.

You can set Motivator to load with Windows, display messages randomly or in order, change the message frequency, edit the font, change the way the message window looks – and much, MUCH more.

Don’t worry: We’ll explain everything in the introductory e-mail message. Karl has even helped prepare a video tutorial. There’s no need to remember any of this.

So, are you ready to get started with the Motivator software – and begin changing YOUR life and achieving YOUR goals, TODAY?

Click HERE to download the Motivator software!
Click HERE to download the Motivator software!

Requires Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, Vista or 7, and an Internet connection for activation.
Guaranteed virus and spyware free. Yes, it's REALLY FREE - No strings attached!

Make the right decision and begin to experience the glory of PURE MOTIVATION.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

So make the move. Download your copy by clicking on the above link – and let’s change the world, together.

Best wishes,

Michael Masterman
Michael Masterman
Creator of the “Speed Reading Secret.”
Co-creator of the Motivator software
In association with Karl Moore and Bradley Thompson.


PS. We could have EASILY sold the Motivator for $29.95, $49.95 – or even $199.95 and been swimming in dollar signs! But we want to get this tool out to the world, and we want people to be able to use it for FREE. Remember, just because it won’t cost you a penny – doesn’t mean it isn’t the most POWERFUL software tool you’ll use this year! Click HERE to download your copy.

PPS. It sounds simple. IT IS! Most people are prevented from trying out the Motivator software because it sounds so simple. “It’s just a program that prompts you every now and then!” they complain. “So what?” Well, good question. The magic is in repetition. Try it out for yourself – and watch your old bad habits just drop away. Click HERE and download your copy, for FREE, TODAY!

Need Help Getting Motivated?
“All I can say is GENIUS! Thank you so much for this chance. I do not have a lot of money, so being able to get this version has been a God-send. This is phenomenal: I feel like a new person already. I have used other motivational products, but this one has really had a profound effect on my life!

- Marshell Baumgarner Russell, bummyshelly AT

Motivational Program
Need Help Getting Motivated?
“I downloaded your Motivator software today, and I love it! It's JUST what I've been looking for, and I couldn't believe it was free! We are relationship counsellors, and run a small clinic here in the South of Japan, focusing mostly on relationships of mixed cultures. I feel that your software may be a Godsend for many of our subscribers!

- Contact details withheld on request

Motivational Program
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